Viking For Hire
Season 1,riders of berk, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date August 12, 2012 (sneak peek)
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Hiccup learns that now that nobody is killing dragons anymore Gobber, his mentor in both dragons and black smithing, is out of the dragon killing tool business: having been reduced to selling his weapons as kitchen implements. Feeling guilty for his role in how Gobber's life has turned out Hiccup convinces his father Stoick to take Gobber on as a sort of "right hand man" to help him with his busy schedule.

Gobber's first day on the job ends disastrously, a baby girl has been named Magnus, Bucket and Mulch nearly killed each other over a sheep and one of Berk's fishing vessels has been sunk to the bottom of the bay. Having acquired a "two block headache" from dealing with Gobber all day Stoick puts him to work at the dragon training academy.

Hiccup is hopeful for their new recruit believing that Gobber's years of experience in "dealing with dragons" will prove invaluable. Unfortunately Gobber's method of training "do what I say or die" scares all the dragons off. Hiccup subsequently gets the idea to put Gobber on a project to make saddles for all the dragons which also ends disastrously when the weapons on them that renders them dysfunctional.

Hiccup is forced to take Gobber off of the project and though confident he'll find work for him eventually the jobless Viking wants to sulk for the time being. Worst yet Hookfang goes on a rampage throughout Berk. When Snotlout's and Hiccup's efforts to calm him down prove futile Stoick is forced to call in Gobber to kill him. Hiccup however is able get Gobber to sympathize with Hookfang since like Gobber he's simply having a bad day.

Taking a closer look at the dragon the pair realize that Hookfang's tooth is bothering him and once removed he calms down. With that resolved Hiccup finds Gobber the perfect job, as Berk's resident dragon doctor.


  • This episode was shown as a neak peak along with How To Start a Dragon Academy.