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  • SirSkrill

    I come back after a long and busy break and the wiki is deserted. Where is everyone? D:

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  • SirSkrill

    Guess who's back.

    October 2, 2015 by SirSkrill

    oh look a wild old friend appeared

    So, I moved house and I haven't been active. Soz.

    But I'm back now so yay I guess?

    SirSkrill 01:22, October 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • SirSkrill

    Hello everyone. I just thought I'd give you guys some laughter and entertainment. So...

    Here you go...

    NOTE: Some videos may contain inappropriate content for children. Some contain swearing and sexual references. I take no responsibility in watching the inappropriate videos, so watch with caution.

    You might want to turn your volume down, but seriously. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    I'm honest, if you are christian and you are offended, don't hate me. It's actually funny JUST A BIT.

    This makes me feel good.

    moar ear raep lolololol

    This isn't even funny. Why. Why. Why....


    Kiddies block your ears, this guy is awesome, but he swears a lot.

    Mario Eats A Mushroom.

    I think this egg smashing psychopath is naked.

    This is the correct way…

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  • SirSkrill

    As everyone may know, Defenders Of Berk has recently been aired around American Television. Due to the season starting, everyone must work as hard as possible to keep the wiki up to date with the 2nd season. We've already got articles such as the Screaming Death and the Iron Gronckle so, let's keep up the good work.

    Also sadly, I shall not be on as much due to school. But I'll try and get on a lot.

    If you have any questions about the series, please leave a comment or message me on my talk page.

    - Sir. Skrill :)

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  • SirSkrill

    Post in the comments if you've found some leaked info or other things that we might not know. ;)

    Here is what we currently know:

    • Skrills will appear!
    • Alvin will name his new dragon.
    • More on Hiccup's mother will be revealed.
    • Astrid's family may or will appear.
    • Gobber may get his own dragon! (Unconfirmed)
    • The season premiere will aire in September!

    Spark said: The real Isle Of Night may appear.

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