First off, ever since I left for that anti-spoiler hiatus, I've been bouncing around other fandoms, learning a lot of new things about character-creating and sotry telling, but also, unfortunately, growing. And by growing I mean, in this case, growing out of DreamWorks Dragons. I still like it, mostly because of the fond memories I have of this wiki, but I have been gone for a long time, and I haven't even catched up on the TV series.

Second off, I honestly doubt I'm the only one. I noticed that ever since I left there... there hasn't been that much activity on the wiki. It's almost as if after I... abandoned this place everyone started to drift away too. Something tells me there are other people that used to be part of this community that left the Dragons aside and focused on other things. Maybe this was just a phase we have all grown out of. Maybe my attempts to get myself back into this fandom and revive the wiki, this already past community of fans, are pointless.

 I feel very sorry about all of this. I feel like I let everyone down. I miss you guys, all of you. I miss staying up to unreasonable hours talking to you. I miss our stories and our characters. I miss our connection. But then again, no one knows if it will come back even if we try.

So here is my question, for anyone reading this, but especially for my old friends: should I continue? Should I try to watch and re-watch this franchise, get our fan stories up and runnning again, get the old gang back together? Or should I just give up, let everybody go their seperate ways, and move on? I don't want to put any kind of pressure or guilt on anyone, but I just... I just want to know.