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Strike Class box Skrill
Fire Type
Summons Lightning and Fires it as Destructive Blasts
Electrokinesis, Electrical Shock, Can stay Frozen in Ice for Decades, Blends in with the Dark Clouds
Sharp spines on back, long Wing Claws
Stats icon attack Attack
Stats icon speed Speed
Stats icon armor Armor
Stats icon fire Firepower
Stats icon shot Shot Limit
4 (Recharges from the Clouds)
Stats icon venom Venom
Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength
Stats icon stealth Stealth

The Skrill is a dragon that charges itself with electicity and rides lightning bolts to reach supersonic speed .


It is written under the strike class for its ability to ride lightning bolts like air torpedos, intelligence, and jaw strength. This elusive dragon has large wings, a spiked back and tail, and a large mouth. The spikes on the Skrill's back and tail are sharp enough to cut with the slightest abrasion, and it is an excellent flyer. It apparently resembles a Night Fury in flight and rivals its speed, being slightly slower. Like the Monstrous Nightmare, its locomotion on land resembles that of a pterosaur, using the large claws on its wings to walk and run on land.

As with most of the dragons in the manual, it is listed as being "extremely dangerous" and the manual instructs readers to "kill on sight". It slightly resembles a Thunder Drum, and its head also resembles to that of a Deadly Nadder. When a Skrill is riding lightning it seems to wrap itself in its wings and dive down.


The Skrill electrifies itself when hunting. It also rides lightning bolts to reach supersonic speed. The Skrill is only found during lightning storms. It can breathe out beams of concentrated beams of powerful electrical white fire. It can also survive for decades when frozen due to its inner body temperature. A preview of View to a Skrill shows a Skrill deflecting Toothless's blast. Skrills can also store lightning in their bodies and use them at another time.

In Riders of Berk

While it appears briefly in the commercial and promo, it doesn't actually appear in the series besides making a cameo on Dagur the Deranged boat sail.

In Defenders of Berk

The Skrill appears in Defenders of Berk in episode 10 and episode 11- View to a Skrill Part 1 and 2.



  • The Skrill logo appears on Dagur's boat. The logo also appears on Dagur's belt. meaninig that the Skrill is the Berserker Crest.
  • At full speed, the Skrill is the second fastest dragon in the dragon world, with the fastest being the Night Fury.
  • The Skrill has an error on it's official page (in the gallery). Instead of saying it is in the Strike Class, it is labeled as being in the Sharp class.
  • According to the Cartoon Network site, Skrills are completely untrainable.
  • The fact that Skrills only show during electrical storms could indicate a fear of cloudless days and the sun.
  • Skrills favorite food is sheep.
  • The Skrill made it's first appearance on the series in the episodes View to a Skrill Part I and View to a Skrill Part II.