During the episode "reign of fireworks" Ruffnut and Tuffnut find a claim stone that states that the island, dragon's edge was claimed years ago by their great uncle magmar! This made them the owners by right. Because of this, Ruffnut and Tuffnut created a bunch of new rules. The letter s was removed from the alphabet, Snotlout was the sergeant at arms, hiccup was the stable boy, fishlegs was the poet ans Astrid was the brush cleaner. They all were eventually sent to jail, and the island was given back to Hiccup after the firework invasion

absent charactersEdit

Stock, Gobber, Dagur, and more were all absent for this episode


·This is the first Episode in race to the edge to have fireworks

·Even though Tuffnut removed the letter s from the alphabet, he still used it

·Fishlegs was sent to jail for saying the chicken was wrong