Live and Let Fly is the very first episode of the second season of DreamWorks Dragons, now subtitled Defenders of Berk. It premiered on September 19, 2013.


Following the previous season finale Stoick has decided on a ban on dragon flying until further notice not wanting to risk the lives of the Riders or their Dragons. Hiccup however points out that's a bad move: Alvin has watched dragon training, read from the book of dragons and now has Mildew 'prisoner' who also knows how to train dragons from Hiccup. If Alvin succeeds in raising a dragon army then they will need the Riders and dragons ready.

Deciding to ignore the ban Hiccup and Astrid start "Flight Club" where while the people of Berk are asleep they will fly to various dragon islands to study the dragons that Alvin has under his command and figure out their strengths and weaknesses, recruiting the other riders as well. Stoick also makes the decision to ignore the ban as well, planning on patrolling Berk territory with Thornado at night.

One night while studying Changewings and Typhoomerangs Flight Club has a close call with Stoick. Not wanting to admit he was out flying Stoick attempts to make Fishlegs confess on the Club's behalf, who is able to avoid giving away the rest of the club by repeating his name over and over. While Hiccup is planning with the rest of the club on what to do Snotlout comes in and reports that he's spotted Alvin and Outcast Ships making a beeline for Berk.

Informing Stoick of the attack he and Hiccup decide they will figure out what to do with each other later, for now they will focus on Alvin. Spotting the Dragon Riders Alvin initiates the first phase of their plan, releasing wild Changewings onto Berk so that the invisible predators will tear it apart. Luckily the information that they already gathered from Changewings allow them to fend them off forcing Alvin to retreat, Hiccup commenting that it was too easy.

Meanwhile it's revealed that while Alvin was distracting the riders a team of Outcasts led by Mildew were smuggling in Whispering Death Dragon eggs underneath the island. Later that night Stoick decides to lift the ban on the condition that Hiccup tells him everything about Flight Club.
DreamWorks' Dragons Defenders of Berk Sneak peek

DreamWorks' Dragons Defenders of Berk Sneak peek