Heather is a young girl who was once held hostage by the Outcasts, her parents were also hostages.


In The Heather Report part I, Hiccup and others found her washed up on a beach, after Heather woke up, she explained to them how she got washed up, after that, Hiccup took her back to Berk, and learned that the residents know how to train dragons. Later that night, Hiccup allowed her to rest at his house and shows her the Book Of Dragons. Hiccup did not know that Heather was keeping a secret, she had to learn about dragons and tell Alvin about them, in order to free her parents. Astrid and only Astrid saw through her innocent act and tried to warn Hiccup, but got sharp reprimands every time, for example: "Astrid, I trust Heather. And you should trust me." She was able to charm everyone into telling her about dragons. Heather is able to earn the affection of Stormfly by feeding her chicken and treats Astrid badly, mocking her as she demands what Heather is doing. At the end of Heather Report part 1, she steals Stormfly and flies away on Astrid's dragon with the Book of Dragons.



  • She may appear again in Race to the Edge
  • She may get a dragon of her own, in the next season or later.