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"A moose wearing boots."- Gobber.

"I've got my axe and I've got my mace and I love my wife with the ugly face! I'm a viking trough and through!" - Gobber's special song

Gobber is the best friend of Stoick and the village's blacksmith.

Riders of BerkEdit

In episode 2-Viking for Hire, Gobber finds his duties as a weapon-smith superfluous with the current peace. With Hiccup's urging, Stoick has Gobber help him with his chiefly duties. However, Gobber proves lackluster at best. Gobber then decides to help out at Dragon Training, offering to use his weapons to "encourage" the dragons. Hiccup asks him to make saddles for the other dragons instead, but Gobber goes over the top, adding cumbersome "extras". After Hiccup glumly declines Gobber's future assistance, Hookfang suddenly goes on a rampage. Gobber arrives to help, during which he realizes that Hookfang has a bad tooth, and removes it. Afterwards, Gobber realizes his new calling as a dragon dentist.

He still stands as Stoick's trustworthy right-hand man. The series also highlights Gobber's practical wisdom and experience. He is the one to figure out why the animals have stopped producing in Animal House, and reveals that the Book of Dragons is wrong about the Scauldron in Dragon Flower.

Defenders of BerkEdit

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