Gronckle egg

Gronckle Egg

Gronckle eggs are the smallest of all the species, barely larger than a marble and they bounce around like jumping beans. In the film franchise, however, they are big enough to be held with two hands.

Deadly NadderEdit

Deadly nadder egg

Deadly Nadder Egg

Nadder eggs have sharp spikes that will detect predators.

Monstrous NightmareEdit

Monstrous nigthmare egg

Monstrous Nightmare Egg

Viking children use these flaming eggs for "Viking Hot Potato", the child with the most blisters is the winner.

Hideous ZipplebackEdit

Hideous zippleback egg

Hideous Zippleback Eggs

Often mistaken for air bubbles, Zippleback eggs actually contain buoyant natural gasses.

Night FuryEdit

These eggs are laid on tops of mountains and blend in with the starry sky.

Night Fury egg

Night Fury Egg


Thunderdrum eggs are blue and make a sonic boom when it hatches. It is seen in Book Of Dragons when Bork finds one during ice fishing, in the School of Dragons the eggs have electricity running through the eggs.

Terrible Terror:


Changewing eggs have a triangular shape, and they change colors. Changewing eggs are often mistaken for a Stone of Good Fortune, a gem that will give good fortune to whoever has it for the rest of their life. If an egg is stolen, the mother gets angry and goes on a rampage to get it back, as seen in Gem of a Different Color


Typhoomerang eggs colour depends on what colour the dragon will be if its a blue typhoomerang it would be a blue egg and these are protected very carefully by the mother.

Whispering DeathEdit

These eggs are sharp and deadly and it is hard to find because it is hidden in caves of the Whispering Death the eggs are in a rock sort of shape and in a dark colour with even darker spots you may find this egg in School Of Dragons and you could hatch it. 

Whispering Death eggs

Whispering Death Egg's In a Cave

Screaming DeathEdit

The appearance of a Screaming Death egg is very similar to a Whispering Death egg, because the Screaming Death is just a mutant Whispering Death. The only difference is that a Screaming Death egg is larger than a Whispering Death egg, as seen in The Iron Gronckle. [