Mystery Class box Changewing
HTTYD 14 - Changewing
Fire Type
sprays acid,only effective at close range,can camouflage itself to blend in with its surroundings
Stats icon attack Attack
Stats icon speed Speed
Stats icon armor Armor
Stats icon fire Firepower
Stats icon shot Shot Limit
Stats icon venom Venom
Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength
Stats icon stealth Stealth

The Changewing is a mystery class dragon that appears in three episodes of Riders of Berk.


Changewings seem to be social creatures as shown in Gem of a Different color when a bunch of mother changewings help each other get their eggs. Two of their unique traits are acid breath, and color changing their ability to change color make their skin softer that is why it protects itself by color changing. They hunt in packs like wolves and lead 1 prey out of the group and they surround it.Its weakness is that you must lead it into an area where it cannot camouflage itself. It can also hypnotize

Trivia Edit

  • The Changewing is one of the mystery dragons in Wild Skies along with the Smothering Smokebreath.
  • Strangely, according to Book of Dragons, the Changewing breathes acid instead of fire while the special shows one burning Bork the Bold.
  • In Gem of a Different Color, it is shown that the Book of Dragons doesn't contain a picture of the Changewing, but in the movie, there was a picture of the Changewing in the same book.
  • The Changewing is similar to a monkey and a chameleon combined, because a monkey likes to copy things, and a chameleon likes to change its colors. Or it can be based on an octopus as octopi are curious and change colors.
  • The Changewing's facial appearance is similar to that of the Diplocaulus, a type of extinct, prehistoric amphibian.
  • The Changewing's size is similar to the Monstrous Nightmare.
    In the end of the episode of Gem of a Different Color, it was hinted that the Changewing could possibly be trained in a later season.
  • The Changewing's ability to mimic its surrounding in the episode of Gem of a Different Color, is different from what's shown in Book of Dragons, its color mimicry in Book of Dragons is fixed on every part of its body while in *Gem of a Different Color, Changewings mimic different colours for different parts of its body, even if it's not in contact with Changewings body making it truly invisible with a little distortion.
  • The Changewing makes a second appearance in We Are Family Part I.
  • It makes a third appearance as a hostage of Alvin the Treacherous in We are Family Part II.
  • In the short Book of Dragons it is said that a Changewing can Hypnotize but in the series they do not show it.
  • Changewings are said to have a hypnotic gaze which is likely a reference to the books.
  • Changewings almost look like Monstrous Nightmares, only Changewings have pigtails, and Nightmares have horns.
  • In the film, Changewing hatchlings are said to be capable of producing acid.