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Cast Out Part I is the 19th episode of Dragons: Defenders of Berk.


Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the academy after he nearly kills Astrid and he responds by running off and going to an island,where he discovers the screaming death,and is saved by

alvin. Alvin returns to Berk to make amends,but is not trusted is put in jail. Dagur the Deranged plants Dragon Root in the academy as a trick to make Hiccup trade Toothless for the safety of his friends. Stoick comes in to help but is captured by Dagur. Meanwhile, the Screaming Death returns.


  • Alvin said he changed by saving Snotlout from the Screaming Death and Stoick from Savage.
  • Dagur catches Stoick in this episode as a hostage to trade for Toothless.
  • This is the first time Alvin has ridden a dragon, though Hookfang most likely let him because he saved Snotlout.
  • Alvin was banished from Berk 20 years ago, though the reason is still unknown. It did involve several forms of treachery (hence his name).
  • Stoick captured at the end is similar to the ninth book, when Stoick was captured by Excellinor.
  • Though Alvin has appeared in the first half of two-part episodes before, this is the first time he had a major role.
  • This is the first time Stoick has directly told Hiccup he would be chief one day.
  • Alvin and Snotlout talking to each other might be loosely based on the books when Snotlout was working for Alvin.
  • The Dragon Root that Dagur planted must've had a much stronger effect on the dragons than it did in A Tale of Two Dragons, because they were willing to attack their respective riders.
  • It is shown that not only the riders but the villagers also dislike Snotlout as they started celebrating when they thought he was dead and were thoroughly disappointed when he wasn't dead.