Berserker Crest. Picture by Anna312

Riders of BerkEdit

The Berserkers make their first appearance in episode 15:"Twinsanity" The Berserkers visit Berk as it is time for the annual signing of the peace treaty. Stoick was expecting Oswald the Agreeable, the chief of the Berserker tribe, but to their great astonishment, Oswald's son Dagur (whom Hiccup describes as a lunatic) turns out to be the new chief of the Berserkers, and is now called 'Dagur the Deranged'. Dagur explains that his father has been "retired", and he took over the responsibility of being the new chief, though Dagur doesn't have any qualities of a good chief. After a few events in the episode, Dagur and the Berserkers were forced to flee, but told Gobber to consider the treaty signed.


Their crest is a Skrill. It almost became a Night Fury in Cast Out Part 2 when Dagur captured Toothless.

Known members Edit